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Heartbleed Bug – Change Your Password

Heartbleed Bug – Change Your Password

Today I wanted to alert you about
something that affects all of us.

Even i’m taking action on this.

Just something that is pretty major on
the news lately.

If you haven’t heard about The
Heartbleed bug (you can google it).
Or you’re probably sick if news folks
talking about it.

But the truth is that it t has compromised
passwords on major sites. Like even
Google recommends changing your
password on their site.

I’ve been getting emails from other
major companies like Prezi telling us
that 2/3 of the companies on the web are

So I looked into it further and yes it
is quite serious, because it affects
sites most of us belong to.

Even the NSA alerted the public about

So you can imagine the little sites too.

I just spent the last 4 hours changing my
passwords and found this list of
affected sites was quite helpful.


It’s also good to keep an excel
spreadsheet or something with your
password with a link to change your
password for that site; so if this
happens again, you can do this fast.

Or you can look into a centralized password
security system like LastPass; which
I use the premium version myself as well.
They have a free version too.

This is just a quick note to
help you keep safe and give you some
things we are finding ourselves.

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