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Reputation Defense – Reputation Management to Get New Customers

Reputation Management to Get New Customers

This is very important to understanding how to get more new customers. With many new customers beginning their search for customer reviews on a new business today online or on their mobile phone, do you realize how important your online reputation is?

How often do you Google your name, your partners’, or your business?

How about your competitors?

Open another tab or browser window now or do it as soon as you finish reading this page.

What if potential new customers see a bad review from a former customer, ex-employee or even a competitor (you know it happens)? How will this affect your business’s ability to get more new customers? How much is each lost customer worth to your business? How much more would your business be worth if you didn’t lose customers this way?

You know the old saying – “a dis-satisfied customer will talk with 20 people, while a satisfied customer rarely tells anyone.”

Well – Not anymore! With the Internet – a bad rating, review or comment can be seen by thousands of customers and prospects and affect your ability to get more new customers for years!

Do you have a way of monitoring what dis-satisfied customers, ex-employees, even competitors are saying about you online?

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