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Our Targeted Inbound Lead Generation and Bolt On Business Development will NOT be for all businesses.

We relish the opportunity to perform targeted inbound lead generation for all whom ask for our services as word of mouth spread that we deliver ROI when others merely promise rankings. SUMMIT MARKETING is highly selective given time is a finite commodity. Therefore, we have a minimum criteria to be eligible for our complimentary Competition Analysis. This ensures our client deliverables to you and our client support relationship with you is always WORLD CLASS.

To be eligible for this Competition Analysis you must have:

1. Established Business
SUMMIT MARKETING performs targeted inbound lead generation and business development for clients that have an established market, market share and positive cash flow. We will not work with:


  • Multi-Level Marketers
  • Adult Themed Material
  • Start Ups
  • Real Estate Agents (Broker/Agency owners only)
  • Financial Advisors (RIA owners/partners only)
  • Car Salesmen (Dealer Principles/GMs only)
  • Insurance Agents (Agency owners only)


2. A reputable product or service, a solid process for converting leads into sales and a solid process for fulfillment. SUMMIT MARKETING’s services act as an amplifier to your business. Meaning, we’ll make your phone ring all day long but if you can not reliably convert leads into sales–you will lose money. If you can not reliably fulfill the orders you sell, your reputation will be trashed and your business will suffer. But, if you have a great product and great processes, SUMMIT MARKETING will exponentially grow your sales and your goodwill within your market.

Just two requirements…..

If you satisfy the criteria and would like to know how your competition is profitably taking business from you, please fill out the form below and a Research & Analysis Team Leader will call you at the appointed time.

This won’t take long. We just need to understand your business model and market in order to deliver you a solid analysis. We will use your answers to design a custom plan to outperform your competition, to give you a decisive advantage and to grow gross profit…based on the strategies and campaigns that your more successful competition is using.


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