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Residential and Commercial Remodeling

Home Remodeling businesses, whether they serve consumer and/or commercial markets, can be very profitable businesses everywhere in the country as long as the business owner or Marketing head knows how to get new customers from the Internet and other sources. Because of this profit potential, competition can be fierce in any market and so it’s critical that a successful remodeling related business stands out in the marketplace.

How do you stand out?

By not only being visible in all the places a consumer would look for an home remodeling contractor, including the individual types of needs they’d need a contractor for such as flooring, room additions, plumbing, carpeting, blinds, painting, etc. In addition, you must also stand out from the crowd of competitors who are also visible as well. But standing out requires different (and constantly changing) strategies in different parts of the virtual (Internet, mobile, social) and physical worlds.

  • Search: you stand out by being highly ranked in both general organic search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo, as well as in their Local search counterpart including Google Plus local and Bing and Yahoo Local. In addition, you must consider use of PPC advertising to drive new customers as well.
  • Reputation: This is so important that it bears focusing on separately. You pay particular attention to your reputation in terms of your visibility in general, local and industry specific business directories and review sites reviews along with press, image and video releases.
  • Social Media: It’s critically important to engage with your customers and potential customers online as the importance and use of social media to seek third party reviews and input on decisions becomes more and more pervasive. If you don’t control the discussion about your business and the ways consumers should choose between competitors – then your competitors will.
  • Mobile: Google stated that 50% of local search in 2012 was on mobile devices. If you don’t have a mobile optimized site, then you’re forcing your prospects and customers to view your website on a mobile device as if viewing an elephant through a straw.
  • Video: Video has exploded on the web and we live in a video generation. Are you using video on the web and the mobile and social platform to get your branding and sales message out?
  • Marketing Strategy: Is your strategy on target? Profitable? Are you getting an acceptable ROI on your marketing investments? Let us conduct a marketing profitability audit to help you understand your business better at a strategic level.
  • Competitive Analysis: How well is your company performing vs your competition? We have some proprietary analysis and data that will be a great eye-opener to you that we’d like to share. Schedule your marketing profitability audit and market competition review today.
  • Customer Re-marketing: As a successful automobile business, you have an extensive customer base. But do you have a strategic, integrated marketing program to reach out to your customers to generate new vehicle and service purchases? We can help you put that together.
  • New Customer Acquisition: Beyond your online marketing and advertising, what are you doing to reach out to non-customers through other media to bring them into your sales funnel? We can help you develop a strategic plan to realize your objectives – get new customers!

Here is a sample home remodeling video

To Get Started

For more information on how the best Strategic Marketing Advisors in the Home and Business Remodeling industry work to help you improve your marketing ROI and get more new customers , call our service at (916) 235-8698 or contact us today.

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