Local Display Advertising

Local Display Advertising

LiftLocal builds awareness for your brand with consumers surfing the Web.

Do you know where local consumers are spending a lot of their time? We do: the Web. And to make sure they see your business, we offer display advertising that puts your message in front of local consumers online. With advanced targeting techniques, we show your banner ads to the right audience on the top news, entertainment, lifestyle, and social media sites, creating top-of-mind awareness for your business. With LiftLocal, you get:

Thousands of Premium SitesDisplay Advertising Sites

We build awareness for your business on thousands of premium sites. In fact, our LiftLocal Display Network reaches an estimated 90%1 of the U.S. online audience. What’s more, we optimize your campaign’s performance by shifting your budget toward the sites that are the most cost-effective at bringing consumers to your website.


Advanced Targeting Options

We offer many ways to target your online display advertising campaign, from geographic and behavioral targeting to advertising on specific networks and sites. We also offer retargeting that shows your ad to consumers who have shown intent to purchase, keeping your brand top of mind.


Types of targeting

  • Behavioral targeting –  Ads are targeted to consumers who had previously searched online for  similar content
  • Geo targeting –  Ads are targeted within a geographic area via user’s IP address
  • Contextual targeting – Ads are placed alongside same subject content on web pages
  • Site Retargeting –  Ads are targeted to your website visitors once they’ve left your site


Until recently, the only choice you had was to advertise on Google and that could be difficult to learn as well as expensive.

What if I told you that  your targeted advertisement could appear in places like CNN, ESPN, Fox News, Trulia, MSN, The Huffington Post, YouTube, WebMD, Expedia and loads more highly searched websites that reach your geographic, demographic and even psychographic market .

Wouldn’t you want to learn how?

It’s a fact that many smart businesses are missing loads of prospects that would be perfect for what they offer.

(So if you’re frustrated that you are missing these hungry buyers right now, then I totally get it, sorry.)

If your business is one that would like to capture more customers from the internet, here’s the solution.

Invest in Digital Display Advertising.

This is the first time that I can remember that YOU, a small business, can now do what the big boys do.

You can have your own digital display ad, optimized by professionals and placed in targeted spots that show up right before your prospects eyes.

It’s easy to get a quote too.

Just call us at 888-557-1258 and we will help you with your quote.

We are looking forward to helping you.

Remember, you can …

  • Get in front of thousands of online searchers
  • Capture highly qualified prospects
  • Convert prospects to buyers 
  • Get more sales
  • Make more money
This is your opportunity to cash in on the tidal wave of consumers who use online search to find their products and services.


 888-557-1258 !

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