Mobile Marketing for Fitness

Gyms and Clubs are prime candidates for really effective mobile marketing campaigns that can produce massive results! Mobile communication, SMS reminders, health updates, mobile websites with dietary or workout tips, schedules listed, registration forms, and much more can produce revenue results.

Philosophy behind mobile engagements

1. Any gym or Club typically focus extensively on increasing overall engagement of their members. They know the proven fact that if their members continue to attend, participate, and are active, they will keep paying their monthly bills. It is only when one member starts discontinuing their use that they will finally decide to quit paying.

Many corporate institutions put many efforts into what they call, “One more month”. That if they got every member to stay just one additional month, the increase in overall revenues would be in the millions of dollars.

How does mobile help?

By getting every new member to opt-in to mobile communications automatically at enrollment, the database of current members can reach 90% or better. The mobile communciations that come out can be health tips, workout tips, nutrition info, friendly reminders, and more to increase participation. Having an interactive mobile website with schedules and more information linked into every SMS notification to these members provides an even greater engagement point that will keep active members participating… and of course paying.

Lead Generation

Lead generating new members is one of the biggest excitement points of any Club or Gym. Walking in and talking to the owner about growing their membership base will do more than light up their eyes, it will light up your checkbook.

Similar to other types of lead-generation activities with mobile it comes down to integrating the right active engagements into their traditional marketing campaigns like print, radio, television, event marketing, car wraps, etc. When there are active mobile engagements embedded in each piece of marketing it gives a potential member the ability to instantly engage and receive the information to their phone:

  • A coupon
  • Health or workout tips
  • Reasons to get your children involved
  • Instant video of the new facility
  • A free month membership

When people text in to receive any of the above information or more, they get a link to a mobile website with pictures and more details of the advantages of the club or gym. On the mobile website they can fill out a short form and get a free month membership, or an instant coupon, or even get an email with additional details. What does the owner of the business get? A lead that they can follow up with by phone, email, or even text… and later a new member.



Summit Marketing specializes in strategies that are proven to build large databases of your exact demographic, and then leverage more revenue out of them. Our team does a lot more than supply technology to accommodate your goals, but help you create, manage, and deploy your campaigns.

When you can track your Return-on-Investment with Mobile, the only question is how do we grow our databases even faster. When your company can invest in something that produces quantifiable results quickly, the satisfaction is not just in the dollar signs, but in an exciting environment that has been created.

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Your customers have gone mobile! Have YOU?

Summit Marketing specializes in creating the synergy between your Social Media, Online Traffic, and Mobile Databases to generate more revenue for your business. We help deliver your promotions and event reminders right to your customers, right when they need it, and right to their phone.

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