Mobile Marketing for Nightclubs & Bars

Every group of people that are planning on hitting up the club, going to catch the game at the local pub, or wanting to see a live band or karaoke plan their evening with their mobile device. Whether they are texting their friends to coordinate their club wear “I’m wearing my Big Star’s with that cute tank I got at Guess”, or searching the mobile web with their phone looking for what bands or happy hour’s are located, the phone is central to driving revenue for bars and nightclubs when utilized correctly.

Build a database of current customers

As easy as telling every customer that walks in the door to text in and download your mobile website/app, get a free appetizer or drink, or enter for a chance to win, each location can build databases every single night.

As these databases grow, timely messages can be scheduled out to them in the form of SMS, and drive increased frequency of transaction. By telling them the evening specials, reminding them to get their table now, or even sharing the bands that will be present over the weekend, have no doubt that these messages will be forwarded to their friends and plans will be made to attend.

One additional visit by a group of people typically pays for a month of the service itself.

Steal Business from the competition

By adding mobile keywords to your radio spots, flyers, mailers, car wraps, event marketing, and anything your business sponsors provides the opportunity to capture leads into a database. When someone hears your radio spot and texts in for that chance to win, free item, or to see your specials they instantly go into a database for future marketing.

When someone texts in that normally goes to your competition, and future marketing converts them to try you out, that is a new customer that will have a great lifetime value to your business.

Increase Mobile Web traffic and conversions

Wanting to drive additional web traffic and more conversions? Get your mobile website going now and optimize every page so that when the locals are searching for where to go this evening, your mobile website appears towards the top of the rankings. When the potential customer clicks your site they get instant access to your specials, locations, band or event schedule, menu, and anything you want to populate on your mobile website. They also get an instant cue to download your App icon to their phone!



Summit Marketing specializes in strategies that are proven to build large databases of your exact demographic, and then leverage more revenue out of them. Our team does a lot more than supply technology to accommodate your goals, but help you create, manage, and deploy your campaigns.

When you can track your Return-on-Investment with Mobile, the only question is how do we grow our databases even faster. When your company can invest in something that produces quantifiable results quickly, the satisfaction is not just in the dollar signs, but in an exciting environment that has been created.

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Your customers have gone mobile! Have YOU?

Summit Marketing specializes in creating the synergy between your Social Media, Online Traffic, and Mobile Databases to generate more revenue for your business. We help deliver your promotions and event reminders right to your customers, right when they need it, and right to their phone.

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