Mobile Marketing for Salons

Hair Salon Text Marketing FlyerHair and Tanning Salons, Massage parlors, nail shops, veterinary clinics, and other personal or pet care places have begun to utilize mobile marketing engagements for a variety of reasons:

Text Appointment Reminders

As many of these places set appointments well into the future, the ability to schedule appointment reminders via text for the exact moment the business wants that reminder scheduled has plenty of advantages. From reducing paper, ink, and postage by not mailing reminders to giving the ability for the person to instantly reply to the text appointment reminder to reschedule are just a few of the reasons people are choosing text.

Text appointment reminders have been proven in many studies to reduce no-shows by as much as 5% and cost less money to send out than other types of reminder services or mailings.

Loyalty Marketing Directly to mCommerce

As many of these types of businesses have face-to-face interaction with their customers, it is easy for them to build databases by having their customers text-in or type their number in a form on a tablet in venue. Now they send out messages once or twice a month to the database to help accomplish all sorts of goals, not the least of which is increased revenue.

Text might promote:

  • Social network growth
  • Ancillary products or services the business sells
  • Referral business
  • Special Events
  • Or even mCommerce

SMS Holiday Reminder

mCommerce – as these types of businesses are often prime targets for gift certificate purchases, they make the perfect mCommerce choice.

  • Build a database of your customers throughout the year.
  • Build your mobile website/app with google checkout or paypal buttons of 3 common gift certificate sizes.
  • Two weeks before the “Big Holiday” send out a text that says:

Picking up New Customers

Mobile engagements are perfect when integrated with any marketing including events, print ads, radio, outdoor displays, door hangers, business cards, and literally anything that is put out into the public. When potential Salon customers see or hear the ads, they have the ability to instantly engage with their mobile device to get the instant coupon, to see the list of services, to schedule their appointment, to view locations, and more.

When the potential customers text in to receive the information they are saved into the database of the salon for future marketing. This strategy of marketing to this lead database is often described as mobile “lead-mining” and results in the least expensive cost of new customer acquisition.



Summit Marketing specializes in strategies that are proven to build large databases of your exact demographic, and then leverage more revenue out of them. Our team does a lot more than supply technology to accommodate your goals, but help you create, manage, and deploy your campaigns.

When you can track your Return-on-Investment with Mobile, the only question is how do we grow our databases even faster. When your company can invest in something that produces quantifiable results quickly, the satisfaction is not just in the dollar signs, but in an exciting environment that has been created.

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Your customers have gone mobile! Have YOU?

Summit Marketing specializes in creating the synergy between your Social Media, Online Traffic, and Mobile Databases to generate more revenue for your business. We help deliver your promotions and event reminders right to your customers, right when they need it, and right to their phone.

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