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Does Mobile Marketing Make Sense for Your Business?

The 600+ Million Internet-enabled mobile consumers (788+ Million mobile only Internet users predicted by 2015) in the world today use their Smartphone’s to search, locate (on a map), get directions, click-to-call, recommend, redeem a coupon, text friends, review and ultimately decide which local small businesses to conduct business with. Although as much as 50% of mobile search traffic coming from local searches today, there are even better ways to market beyond the search engines to reach your mobile customers while they’re out and about in order to get more new customers. SMS text message campaigns can generate as high as 95% open rates within 5 minutes, so get them to ring your phones or doorbell right now.

Ok. So Mobile Internet access is huge and growing. Local consumers, your customers, are using their mobile phones to conduct local searches for all sorts of local products and services. But are they using them to conduct searches for your product or service? Possibly…

As we said, we don’t just try to sell you the latest “widget” or services we offer just because we offer them. Instead, we put ourselves in YOUR SHOES and ask ourselves “What would we do to use mobile marketing to get more customers?”

That’s where the experts at Summit Marketing come in. We can conduct a “Mobile Marketing Audit” to examine your business and develop a “go/no go” evaluation and recommendation.

If it does make sense, we’ll suggest some best business practices to get new customers.

If it doesn’t make sense, then we’ll explain why not, and under what conditions it may make sense in the future.

But the one thing we’re not going to do is – SELL YOU on it.

If it DOES makes sense to market your business using mobile then here are some of the possible ways to do it:

  • Develop a mobile version of your website that re-directs mobile searches from a mobile phone to a simplified mobile website design.
  • Design mobile landing pages to drive customers straight to your phone or door if you are advertising on mobile phones.
  • Motivate Facebook, Foursquare and more customers to interact with your business while on the move.
  • Launch mobile advertising campaigns that can almost instantly bring new customers if you have the right offer that makes sense.
  • Accelerate your mobile marketing efforts with smartphone applications and/or QR codes.

To Get Started

For a free initial consultation on your business total online presence and new customer goals and objectives – including using mobile marketing to get new customers, call the service for the best SEO experts at Summit Marketing today at , or contact us to schedule a free initial consultation on how to get more new customers.

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