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Mobile Website FAQs

Q?  Why is it important for me to have a mobile website?

A.  One half of all online searches are now performed on a mobile device.  In addition, the emergence of QR Codes is helping to drive consumers to your business’ website.  Mobile device users want an easy to navigate site that loads quickly and provides concise information. A mobile website is specifically designed to meet these requirements, while most regular websites fail to do so.  What does your company’s website look like on a mobile device?  If it is hard to read and navigate, consumers will quickly leave and might visit your competition’s site instead.


Q?  Does a mobile website take the place of my regular website?

A.  No, it is simply a website version that is designed to be easily viewed and navigated on a mobile device.  Think of your mobile website as the Reader’s Digest or Cliff Notes version of your regular website.


Q?  I like my current website; do you need to change my main website so it looks good on a mobile phone?

A.  No. We do not touch your current website. We create a separate mobile website.


Q?  How do people get to my mobile website?

A.  We will place a small amount of invisible code on your current website to detect if the visitor is from a mobile phone. If they are, they will see the mobile version of your website. If they are coming from a computer they will see your regular website.


Q?  Does my mobile website include all the information on my regular website?

A.  No, and it isn’t designed to do so.  It is important that a consumer using a mobile device to view information about your company can do so quickly.  We’ll work with you to determine the most critical information and deliver it in a concise manner.


Q?  Can I add photos to my mobile website?

A.  Absolutely, however we may need to make minor modifications to the image files so that they will load quickly on a mobile device.


Q?  Can I add videos to my mobile website?

A.  Yes you can.  In most cases, we’ll upload your videos to an online hosting service, such as YouTube so that your mobile website will load quickly on a mobile device.


Q?  Does the mobile website use my same domain name?

A.  Your mobile website will have a unique domain, but it will be transparent to the consumer.  They will still enter your main domain name on their mobile device, and a small amount of code will help re-route them to your mobile website version.


Q?  Who hosts my mobile website?

A.  We host the files for your mobile website on secure servers.


Q?  Is there a hosting fee associated with your service?

A.  Yes, as this is a separate website that is hosted on our servers, there is a very minimal fee of $10 per month.


Q?  What if I need to make changes or updates to my mobile site?

A.  If you want modifications made to your mobile website, we can quickly and easily take care of them for you. Some plans incorporate the management fee while others charge for each instance.


Q?  How long does it take to create my mobile website?

A.  It typically takes two weeks to fully develop your mobile website.  You’ll be given an opportunity to review the look and functionality along the way to make sure you love the end result.


Q?  Can my mobile website look similar to my current website?

A.  Yes, we can develop your mobile website to have the same branding feel as your regular website, including using the same colors.


Q?  My current website is old and outdated.  Can you update that as well?

A.  Yes. We can create a package that includes a new main website + a mobile website at an affordable price.


Q?  What’s wrong with visitors viewing my current site on their mobile phone?

A.  The problem is your current website was created to look good on a computer screen. Think how much smaller the screen is on a mobile phone. Viewing a regular website on a mobile phone is difficult because everything is so small and requires a lot of scrolling and resizing. It will also probably load slowly because most mobile phone internet speeds are slower than you have on your computer. Most mobile phone viewers come to your website to get a little basic information, directions or a phone number. They won’t take time to scroll all over to try to find the information and will probably just leave your website and go to a competitor.