Mobile Websites

Mobile Websites

mobilephonesWhy do you need a mobile website?

The use of mobile devices like smart phones and tablet computers is steadily growing. By 2014, it is projected that more users will access the internet from their phone than from a computer.

Many businesses might think their primary website is sufficient if it can be accessed by a mobile device. However, simply being accessible by mobile devices is not the same as being designed and optimized for mobile devices.

Typical websites don’t fit well on a small screen. Mobile websites are built specifically for those small screens to give the user easy access to the info they want, using the device’s best features like touch-to-call.

Just because you have a website, and it can be viewed on a mobile phone doesn’t mean that it is mobile-friendly.  Mobile websites are designed specifically for the smaller screens and consumer habits of smart phone users.  Having a mobile website that is properly designed can help you grow your business!

Mobile phone users are searching for local businesses and they have high expectations regarding how quickly a mobile site loads and how easy it is to navigate.  They don’t want to have to zoom, scroll or read through pages of information.  They don’t want to wait while your photos or videos load.  They want to be able to easily see the navigation buttons, and they want key information presented to them in a concise manner.

You mobile website is not a shrunken version of your regular website.  Think of it as a Cliff Notes or Reader’s Digest version of your website. It needs to be designed so that visitors can easily navigate and find the key information they are searching for.

A mobile site is optimized for the viewing area. By displaying the relevant information in a format that fits the screen correctly, you will engage the consumer longer, creating more opportunities for a sale. With the immense growth of smart phones in the marketplace, it is something you can’t ignore. We can help!Types of businesses that can benefit from a mobile site:

•    Content Driven News Sites/Blogs
•    e-Commerce Stores
•    Impulse Purchases (example – pizza delivery)
•    On-Demand Services (example – taxis)
•    Local Businesses (example – restaurants)
•    Emergency Services (example – tow trucks)

We develop a website that meets the requirements  and demands of mobile searchers.  Your website will be easy to navigate, resulting in a pleasant consumer experience, which will lead to increased traffic to your business. In addition, we provide you with a redirect script, which identifies when a consumer is visiting your main website on a mobile device and automatically redirects them to your mobile website.  It is completely transparent to the consumer – they just have a much better experience.

Best of all, our mobile websites are extremely affordable!

What are the best practices for Mobile Website Design?  Glad you asked!





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Have questions about how we’re helping businesses like your increase sales through an effective mobile website?  Ready to start the design process for your own mobile website?  Give us a call at (888) 557-1258 or utilize the GET MATCHED WITH A CONSULTANT Request form at the top right of the page.  One of our talented team members will reach out to you as soon as possible.  We’d love to help…It’s what we do!


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