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Develop, Manage And Market Your Local Online Reputation To Get More Customers With Our Online Reputation Marketing & Reputation Management Software Services

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Here’s Why Reputation Marketing Management Is Important For Your Local Business


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Customer Reviews Are A MAJOR Factor In PPC & Organic Ranking

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The Secret To Developing And Marketing Your
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Introducing Our….

Reputation Marketing / Reputation Management Software Service

Reputation Marketing & Management Services will help you position yourself as the market leader in front of Thousands of Buyers with a 5 Star Reputation.  Here is how:

Automated Feedback

Automated Reputation Feedback Loop

My Local Reputation Marketing does all the heavy lifting for you. After entering some basic information, the unique and automated My Local Reputation Marketing system automatically reaches out to and follows up with your recent customers to generate a feedback snapshot of their most recent visit to your business.

Intelligent Review Routing

Intelligent Review Routing

Based on your predetermined settings, customers are routed to a company branded page matching the sentiment of their feedback of your business. If positive, customers are taken to a page that helps direct them to an online review site(s) of your choice. If negative, they are instantly provided a form to share their concerns and/or frustrations, preventing a poor review from being posted online and affording you the opportunity to address it promptly.

Reputation Monitoring & Notification

Reputation Monitoring Notification

My Local Reputation Marketing instantly pulls your customer feedback and online reviews into a simple dashboard that shows the overall feedback and online rating score of your business. Email and SMS alerts notify you of new ratings or reviews as soon as they happen.

Reputation Marketing & Follow Up

My Local Reputation Marketing automates the customer follow up process, turning positive feedback into online ratings and reviews. With the ability to filter customers from inside your dashboard, you can quickly segment customers based on their feedback star rating to send them a special offer or notification. This unique feature allows you to run deals and market to your best customers or work to improve experience for those that are less than fully satisfied.

Social Sharing & Brand Promotion

Social Sharing Brand Promotion

Spread the word about your 5 star reputation! Today’s consumers are recommending local businesses to their friends and followers on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Promote your brand by automatically sharing feedback and reviews on all your business’ major social media accounts and have your friends and followers help spread the positive word. Will provide a training system that will teach you and your employees everything you need to know about how to create a 5 Star reputation culture. We will provide the necessary tools and services to develop your 5 star reputation online and marketing that reputation to get more customers.

Our Reputation Marketing Services will give you an unfair advantage on your competition. Even if you don’t know anything about online marketing, don’t worry. Our proprietary system is easy to use.

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The Strategy & Mastery

We can handle the Reputation Marketing Services from soup to nuts and teach you and your staff what you need to have a 5 star reputation culture in your business. You’ll also learn…

  • The Step-by-Step Strategy On Reputation Marketing
  • Why Reputation Wasn’t Important 12 Months Ago
  • What You Should Never Do When Developing A Reputation
  • Why Every Company Needs Reputation Marketing NOW!
  • Why Reputation Is More Important Than SEO, PPC, and Social Media

Secrets Of Developing A 5 Star Reputation

We will give your Google+ Local page and directory listings mega authority and will leverage the authority of other websites like Yelp, City Search, YellowBot, YouTube and dozens more. We use our proprietary powerful strategies and processes in capturing and posting reviews.

  • We know what listings to Claim For Reputation Marketing
  • We know how to optimize the listings
  • We Understand The Rules For Getting Reviews and Maintaining Compliance
  • How To Develop The Powerful Reviews That Convert Leads
  • How To Get Video Reviews
  • Strategies On How To Capture 5 Star Reviews Fast
  • Much Much More…

How To Marketing Your 5 Star Reputation Online

Now that we have created a great reputation online for you, now it’s time to leverage those reviews to dominate your market.

We have 7 different unique ways to market your reputation

  • How to get 5 stars showing up on your company on Google Searches
  • Social Media, Email, and Website Reputation Strategies
  • Strategies To Get Higher Website Conversions
  • How To Use Reputation Marketing On Sales Calls To Close More Business
  • Understand The Rules For Posting Reviews
  • Much Much More…

Expert Strategies On Managing Your Reputation

As more and more customers engage your business you reputation will always need to be managed.  You are always one customer away from a BAD reputation.  We will monitor your reputation Daily to make sure that you keep your 5 star reputation.

More important than that we’ll show you why it’s important for your business to create a reputation marketing culture. You expect your staff to give 1st Class Service Right? We provide a plan to inspire your staff to give 1st class service to your customers & get raving reviews.

  • Learn Why It’s Important To Respond To Reviews
  • We Will Teach You How To Respond To Bad Review
  • We Provide Daily Review Alerts for both Negative & Positive Reviews
  • Bi-Weekly Reporting
  • We Know How To Get Bad Reviews Removed
  • How To Turn A Bad Reputation Into A 5 Star Reputation
  • Proactive Steps To Managing Your Online Reputation
  • We Provide A Personalized Reputation Training Center To Educate You And Your Staff
  • For Multiple Location Businesses we have “Location” Based Reporting (Each Location is Unique)
  • We Continue To Grow Your Reviews So Reviews Are Always Fresh & Engaging
  • Manage By Marketing ONLY The 5 Star Reviews
  • Much Much More…




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