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Mobile Websites

Your Mobile Website needs to be effective. We utilize these six best practices when designing your mobile website…



  •  Keep it Simple

    Mobile users do not want to zoom, pan or scan for information.  They want to quickly and easily find details about your business. Your mobile website needs to be designed to load fast and to provide key information in an easy to find and read format.
    –  Prioritize the content and features that mobile users need most.
    –  Reduce large blocks of text and use bullet points for easy reading.
    –  Compress images to keep them small for faster site loading.
    –  Minimize scrolling and keep it vertical only.
    –  Help users navigate between levels with clear back and home buttons.

  •  Be Thumb Friendly

    People use their fingers to operate mobile devices—especially their thumbs. Design your site so even large hands can easily navigate it.
    –  Use large, centered buttons and give them breathing room to reduce accidental clicks.
    –  Pad smaller buttons to increase the clickable area.
    –  Pad check boxes by making the text clickable.

  •  Keep it Local

    Consumers look for information on local businesses via their phones all the time, which is good news since 80% of your customers typically come from a five-mile radius of your location. We include functionality that helps people find and get to you.
    –  Place your address and phone number on each page of your mobile website.
    –  Include interactive maps as part of your website to allow  consumers to easily find your location.

  •  Be Concise

    Your mobile website is not supposed to be a miniaturized version of your regular website.  Think of it as a Cliff Notes or Reader’s Digest version of your regular website.
    –  Prioritize content.
    –  Reword information to reduce unnecessary information.

  •  Click-It

    Make it easy for a consumer to contact you if they like what they see!
    –  Provide click-to-call functionality.
    –  Provide easy links to e-mail.

  • Redirect It

    Don’t promote a different web url for your mobile site.  Utilize an automatic redirect script which recognizes when a consumer is visiting your normal web address on a mobile device and seamlessly redirects them to your mobile site.

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